Episode 3: Centre-Staged Bodies

In this episode our speakers are concerned with the way femininity is performed through the body. Whether through the digital medium of social media and the digital sex work economy or through performance poetry, the way bodies perform femininity draws attention to the complex and contradictory nature at the heart of the ideal.

We hear from Eve Froude from the University of York, Sarah Merton from London South Bank University, and Maria Manning from University College Cork.

You can read the panelists’ abstracts and biographies by clicking the link below.

Get in Touch!

You can email your questions to lookingatfemininity@gmail.com with the panel title in the subject line. You can tweet questions to @atfemininity on Twitter or messages us on Instagram @lookingatfemininity. And you can leave questions for speakers in the comment section below.

Thank you to our speakers for such thought-provoking papers!

One thought on “Episode 3: Centre-Staged Bodies

  1. Thank you to all speakers for sharing some fascinating ideas relating to the performance of femininity. Question for Eve Froude: What does the future of sex work economies and horror look like to you?


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