The Looking at Femininity sympodcast combines a podcast and academic symposium, creating an innovative dialogic space.

Created by Rosie Couch and Josie Cray, the Looking at Femininity sympodcast collects responses from researchers whose work ‘looks at’ femininity. The theme is deliberately broad, covering work which looks at femininity in terms of focus, discusses work that involves a feminine gaze, or critiques existing ways of looking at femininity.

An alternative to live, online symposiums, the sympodcast episodes consist of papers recorded and sent by speakers, and edited and collated into a series of podcasts, or virtual panels, by the organisers.

Once episodes are released, we will invite questions from listeners and pass them on to the speakers. The answers will appear on this website, on the Q&A page. Though this format will not produce the instantaneous dialogue that might take place during a ‘face-to-face’ symposium, the sympodcast is also, in part, a movement away from this immediacy. As our ways of living, working, and communicating have become more technologically driven due the coronavirus pandemic, we welcome the space and time to consider questions, collate responses, and create something to which we can return.

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